CFTP has specialized in martial arts since 1993 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation.

We are a Black Belt Leadership school and what that means is that it is our goal for everyone to one day become a black belt. Follow along our content and get all the official ranks!

You will learn our whole curriculum. We'll be covering: Hand movements, Kicks, Poomsae, Defense and Attack Personal Defense and, Board Breaking. 

Let's do it! – Ages: 6+

Are you ready?

24 payments of $80/month

On My Way to My Black Belt

Taekwondo Lessons

This course will teach you from withe belt to black belt recommended World Taekwondo curriculum.

This includes a warm-up, stretching, hands movements, kicks, forms (poomsae), defense and attack and personal defense, board breaking and sparring drills.